About Us

Why We Exist

First and foremost we want to encourage and challenge you in your faith in Christ. This is the most important thing we do. This is why Devotions are such a central aspect of our site. There is nothing more important in the life of a believer than continually staying fresh in our faith in Christ. It is our desire to write biblically sound, challenging and relevant devotionals that will cause you to question your own pre-suppositions and fall deeper in love with Christ.

Secondly we want to give you a Christian perspective on current media and entertainment. Through our Reviews, Interviews, Blogs and News feed we hope to open you up to new things and give you a fresh perspective on the media you consume daily. We also hope to open you to other well-established resources that can help you make an informed decision.

Who We Help

Whether you’re and actor, director, solo musician, band or non-profiteer we are here to help your passions and hearts heard! It can be very difficult to get your creation reviewed, to get interviewed, and to get exposure outside of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine. We want to give you extra exposure to get your name out to people who would not otherwise hear you. We are willing to review anyone with a legitimate product whether indie or large scale it doesn’t matter. We want to be a service to you and encourage you in the gifts you have.

What we desire

We want you to see the heart of Christ in all that we do. We believe that it is only through the acceptance of His death and resurrection that we can be saved. (Romans 10:9-10). We want to be around to give you someone to talk to and to ask questions concerning your faith. We want you to read our articles, engage us in conversation. Whether you are an Atheist, Agnostic, Mormon, Muslim; we want to hear from you. As a staff we are not perfect, merely loved by Christ; we want to share with you what He has done for us. At the very least on this site you can ask us a question or find out that Christian music isn’t as bad as you always assumed that it was.