The Flash is Born

CW’s The Flash is proving to be this season’s runaway hit. (You see what I did there.) There has been so much fun, discovery, mystery, and action each week, the mind races with anticipation for the next episode. This show has done so much right (not that it’s perfect), I hope other networks are taking notes.

In Barry Allen, The Flash has given us a hero with whom we can identify. The all-powerful alien, the billionaire genius detective, the billionaire stranded five years on a deserted island vigilante, the Amazon princess are all wonderful heroes, but they’re not the every man that is Barry Allen. As I have said before, Barry is (arguably) the most likable hero in the League. Barry is an awkward, geeky guy, who went to college, got a job as a police forensic science, is smart but not crazy genius smart, and just happened to get powers. We can see ourselves in Barry and we love him for being our voice in the world of extraordinary people. He has known unique tragedy in his life, but that still resonates with us as we all have had difficult life experiences.

The latest episode sees our hero becoming closer to various people in his life, including Eddie Thawne, whose motives may or may not be suspect. Time will tell. Barry faces off against a metahuman whom he once knew. He learns that to defeat “Girder,” he will need to get a running start from 5.3 miles away to achieve 837 miles per hour before he can land a supersonic punch that will take out the villain. The lightning is in his eyes before he breaks the speed of sound and it’s as epic as it is in the books! It was a squeal worthy moment.

Barry is able to fight the steel bully physically, as well as mentally. He tells him of the particle accelerator accident, “What happened to you, Tony? It happened to me, too. But it didn’t just give us abilities, it made us more of who we are. You got strong. I got fast. Fast enough to beat you. You used your gift to hurt people. Not anymore.” You can’t help but love Barry Allen.

In another squealing fangirl moment, Barry helps Iris chose a suitable name for our hero. After three seasons of watching Clark Kent be called, “The Blur” and one season of Oliver Queen as, “The Hood,” I began to worry we’d have to suffer episode after episode of “The Streak.” Thankfully, as the titles informs us, “The Flash is Born.”

Joe West begins investigating Nora Allen’s death by questioning Dr. Wells, who claims it is not possible for someone to have had Barry’s power’s fourteen years ago, nor could it have been his responsibility back then even though he opened his lab in Central City just one month after Nora Allen’s death. Joe receives a warning about his investigation that he never could have imagined as the episode ends.

This show gets better every week, and it appears it will continue to do so. Specifically in two weeks, when a two-part crossover will take place. Get ready for our heroes to battle enemies, serve up justice, and share bromance moments together. I hope they don’t rely too heavily on the heroes are at odds, heroes overcome their differences and realize they’re on the same side, heroes work together formula so often seen in comic crossovers and team-ups. Even if they do, I’m sure seeing Barry and Oliver working side by side will be stellar. Be sure to tune in Tuesday, December 2nd for “The Flash vs. Arrow” on CW’s The Flash at 8:00pm, and again Wednesday, December 3rd for “The Brave and the Bold” on CW’s Arrow at 8:00pm. If you are not caught up, get on it! You won’t want to miss it!

Sierra O'Loughlin
I am a wife (sixteen years), mother (fourteen & eleven years), and believer (eighteen years). I love reading, movies, Superman, baking, and writing. I have over 1500 comic books and forty-eight superhero t-shirts. It's a small obsession. I have worked as a teacher's aide for six years at a small private school, and am currently working only as a substitute to spend more time with family and to do more writing. I am truly blessed.