The Flash faces off against Captain Cold and Heat Wave in “Revenge of the Rogues”

Yes. Finally. It has been so long. Too long. The Flash is back and it’s just like old times. Barry and company are back after a mid-season break with an exciting, new adventure, full of heart-pounding excitement, bad villain one-liners, Ghostbusters references, DC name-dropping, and heartfelt moments.

When we left our hero back in December, he had finally faced off against the Reverse Flash, and he lost. Poor Barry. He had been waiting his whole life for that chance, and missing it hit him pretty hard. Since then, and with encouragement from the undeniably sinister Dr. Wells, Barry has decided he can’t be bothered to chase after criminals, but must spend all his free time training for the next time he meets Reverse Flash. Joe doesn’t like this one bit and calls him out on it. Still, it takes the kidnapping of someone close to Barry to wake him up to the fact that he is a hero and Central City does need him.

Meanwhile, Captain Cold is forming a team of Rogues. Just him and Heatwave for now. Oh, and maybe Golden Glider? We shall see… Wentworth Miller turned in another icy performance as Leonard Snart. He’s a guy you love to hate, to be sure! And Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory/Heatwave kills it as an über creepy pyromaniac who makes your skin crawl.

Subplots included:
• Iris moving in with Eddie
• Kaitlyn continuing to search for Firestorm
• We hear the name Martin Stein (squee!)
• Cisco creating freeze resistant shields for the Police Department, giving STAR Labs a chance to redeem itself

As of the mid-season finale, we learned some interesting things about Dr. Wells, but we still have only guesses as to who he really is. This episode focused very little on him and his devious schemes. Still, we did get a close call with him during Barry’s training. There was so much going on in this episode though, it was a terrific decision to add this as a subtle touch and not a major plot development.

The Flash continues to prove superhero television does work, even when mildly campy and sentimental. If you are not watching, you are going to want to catch up and finish this season out with the rest of us. I guarantee everyone’s going to be talking about it when the big reveals eventually happen.

Hurry up! The season finale will be here in a flash.

Sierra O'Loughlin
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