Reverse-Flash visits Barry Allen in “The Man in the Yellow Suit”

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The midseason finale of The Flash delivered yet another intense showdown, this time with the Reverse-Flash.


In “The Man in the Yellow Suit,” Barry is called to an investigation that leads him to a surprising discovery: the person responsible for his mother’s death is back in town. Meanwhile, Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) discovers that Ronnie (Robbie Amell), her presumed dead fiancĂ©, is still alive. As Caitlin and Cisco search for Ronnie, Barry comes face to face with “the man in the yellow suit.”

Unable to match his speed, Barry’s attempt to catch the masked man proves futile as he suffers minor injuries from their initial confrontation. As a response, Dr. Wells creates a trap to lure Barry’s nemesis to them. After being captured, the man in the yellow suit is confronted by Detective West and his group of officers. When Dr. Wells comments on the villain’s abilities resembling The Flash’s, he retorts that some would say he’s the “reverse.” Finding a weakness in their trap, the Reverse-Flash scoops up Dr. Wells and nearly kills him. Luckily, The Flash arrives in time to stop him and moves the battle outside. Once again, Barry’s abilities cannot compare to his mysterious foe. At the last minute, Ronnie shows up to aid The Flash. In the last scene, we see Dr. Wells revealing a familiar suit that is hidden in his futuristic room: the Reverse-Flash suit!

The Good

1. The Action


The Flash continues to deliver some of the best television of 2014. Although some action sequences are undermined by the special effects, the showdowns involving The Flash are epic. We are in a time where these larger-than-life characters are coming to the movie theaters and television sets at an astounding rate. Come on, The Flash versus Reverse-Flash.. How isn’t that epic?

Barry’s fight with the Reverse-Flash also reveals one major notion: he may not be the fastest man alive. It is nice, for once, to see that the hero isn’t an infallible being; he can be beat. Of course, judging from the trailer to the second half of season one, Barry is aiming to increase his abilities. Will it work?

2. The Acting


Grant Gustin, as well as the rest of the cast, put up some great performances throughout the season. A touching scene between Barry Allen and his father Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) saw the two learning to move past their loss and face the future, while another scene involves Barry finally proclaiming his love to Iris West. It isn’t just the action that makes this series great, it’s also the compelling performances.

3. The Twists


By the end of this episodes, audiences are still left with more questions than answers. Although Dr. Wells’ big reveal and altered voice make him a likely candidate for the Reverse-Flash, how exactly did he fight himself? Isn’t he already from the future? The timeline is a bit whacky, and perhaps the identity of Reverse-Flash is still a surprise that is on its way.

Another interesting point is made by Cisco: while observing the Flash’s battle, he makes a connection to Barry’s statement about his mother’s death. Is it possible that the man in the yellow suit wasn’t the only speedster present that night? We’ll have to wait for the second half of the season that premieres on January 20, 2015.

The Bad

1. Caitlin and Firestorm


The re-introduction of Ronnie to the series is a bit strange and abrupt. Ronnie, forcibly, spills the line, “Firestorm,” after encountering Caitlin and Cisco. Even if he eventually becomes a key player in the series, his entrance proves to be one of the more negative aspects of this episode. Then having him, essentially, save The Flash from Reverse-Flash and fly away into the night using fire… it was a bit much.

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Anthony Ibarra
I'm Anthony, and I am a writer for I live in Austin, TX where I study at the University of Texas. I am an extreme music enthusiast, and love to share my passion for music with others.
Anthony Ibarra
I'm Anthony, and I am a writer for I live in Austin, TX where I study at the University of Texas. I am an extreme music enthusiast, and love to share my passion for music with others.