Netflix Original ‘Bloodline’ Centers Around Family Drama

Bloodline is yet another show that I initially passed up on due to a lack of interest. I saw great reviews about the Netflix Original series, but stayed away. For one reason or another, one day, I decided to give the show a shot, and, boy, it didn’t disappoint. The series centers on a family full of secrets, and while it seems to be a trivial premise, Bloodline is anything but trivial and delivers a larger-than-life drama. Bottom line: this show should be on your Netflix Watchlist.

The series focuses on the Rayburn family, well-known around the Florida Keys’ Islamorada. The family consists of the parents, Robert and Sally, and the four siblings, John, Danny, Meg, and Kevin. Danny, estranged from the family, returns to honor his parents’ accomplishments, but his intentions remain questionable to his siblings. Ben Mendelsohn and Kyle Chandler achieve something great in Bloodline, as their characters’ journeys are interwoven in painful ways. It is often the case the Mendelsohn’s Danny Rayburn is Joker-esque in his mannerisms, creating a tense and uncomfortable presence onscreen. Kyle Chandler, Linda Cardellini, and Norbert Leo Butz, also add to the seemingly organic drama that propels Bloodline into binge-worthy territory.

More than anything, Bloodline takes, by all appearances, a normal family and transforms them into something far from it. The series is based on real-life choices and the consequences that the characters face from those choices. For some time, the audience is unsure what is the truth and whose side they should be on. All characters are allowed some wiggle room, and some sympathy can be felt, but final lines are drawn toward the end of the series.

Credit: Variety
Credit: Variety

Bloodline delivers a small-world drama that feels large in scope. With great performances from leading men Ben Mendelsohn (Mississippi Grind) and Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights), this series proves to be character-driven and deeply satisfying. Bloodline is one of those dramas that informs the audience on what’s coming, but even the expected becomes unexpected, as the journey to the finale becomes as twisted as these characters.

Watch Bloodline season one on Netflix, with season two ordered for 2016.

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