Tom Cruise Accomplishes The Impossible, Yet Again, in ‘Rogue Nation’

I’ve been a Mission Impossible fan since the beginning.  Well… not the beginning (1966).  I’m not that old!  Sorry to anyone who is that old, no disrespect.  Since the original Mission Impossible graced the silver screen back in 1996, I’ve been hooked.  Though I hear MI2 did not age gracefully, I even liked that when I saw it.  Each movie since MI2 and it’s Limb Bizkit laden soundtrack each film has gotten progressively better.  Sure it can be argued that none of the missions are truly impossible since, well, they are completed.  I can even see people pointing out that in almost ever movie the IMF is somehow disavowed and reinstated by the end.  To that I say, stop being a complainer, knowing the destination does not make the journey any less exciting!

Ethan Hunt and friends are at it again, saving the world from a Shadow Organization bent on chaos and domination.

If box office sales are any indication, you’ve seen a Mission Impossible movie before, so I’ll spare you the plot details.  Ethan Hunt, a vulnerable quasi-superhero,  and his gang of lovable misfits, fight against insurmountable odds with his lovable crew and come out on top.  Spoiler Alert? Nope. We get it; IMF is awesome, bad guys never stood a chance, but man, the journey to see how that plays out is wonderful.

From the opening scene, spoiled in the trailer, Rogue Nation starts off with a well-filmed, intelligent, funny action scene that sets the tone for the rest of the movie. You may have thought the now infamous Tom Cruise plane stunt was the climax of the movie… nope, it’s just the beginning and not even the most impressive stunt done by the somehow ageless actor.  Seriously, he has been in his prime for like 30 years…  That’s only three years younger than I am.  Stop making me look bad Cruise!

“I’m surprised Cruise nailed it again as Ethan Hunt”, said no one ever.

I’m not even sure Ethan Hunt exists, as far as I can tell director Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Edge of Tomorrow) filmed Tom Cruise as he went about his daily business and slapped the title “Mission Impossible” on it.  Seriously though, Cruise and Hunt are the same, no one is surprsied that he gave another excellent performance.  But I wouldn’t even say he was the best part of Rogue Nation.  That honor, I would say goes to Ilsa Faust played by Rebecca Ferguson (Hercules), the Furiosa to Ethan Hunt’s Mad Max.  Ferguson walks the line between vulnerable, tough and beautiful better than any female character I’ve seen in recent memory.  This is no damsel in distress, Faust is Ethan’s Hunts equal, but is she a friend or foe?  Only time will tell.  The rest of the IMF squad plays their respective roles well including Simon Pegg who got his own action moment.  Good on ya, Pegg!  I was even a fan of the villain Solomon Lane, though not imposing in the typical sense, Lane (Sean Harris) had a brilliant simmering rage constantly bubbling over.  With only a few exceptions I found him to be a worthy foe of Ethan Hunt.  The same can be said for newcomber to the series Alan Hunley (Alec Baldwin) as the CIA commissioner with an axe to grind against the IMF.  Though at times, it was difficult for me to unsee Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock, Baldwin played his part with the biting wit, aggression and charm I’ve come to love him for.

All in all, I loved this movie. It was fun, tense and exciting in all the right ways.  Sure, you could argue that considering I knew the IMF would come out on top takes away all of the suspense.  But, my white knuckles and slowed breathing throughout the film would argue otherwise.

I loved Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, how about you?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Bryce Cooley
I've been doing some form of ministry since 2000. For 13 years I was involved in the youth ministry at Cordova Neighborhood Church as everything from youth intern to youth pastor. God has led me and my lovely wife Bethany to Church of the Foothills where I currently reside as the Digital Publishing Coordinator. I'm excited to see where God leads my wife and I.