“Spotlight” tackles difficult subject matter with integrity and skill

There are often pacing problems in films, either skipping over details too quickly or dragging them out for longer than necessary. With Spotlight, however, Tom McCarthy (writer/director) has crafted one of the best films of 2015 that doesn’t suffer from those problems. This is especially impressive because of the type of film and amount of information presented to the audience. Unsurprisingly, and a testament to its excellent quality, Spotlight has received multiple awards, including being named the Best Film of 2015 by the Boston Society of Film Critics. Just how does Spotlight excel?

You can’t talk about Spotlight without mentioning its stellar cast. Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo (Avengers), Michael Keaton (Birdman), Brian D’Arcy James, John Slattery (Mad Men), and Liev Schreiber (Pawn Sacrifice) all contribute to this team’s investigation into the child molestation scandal, which is the center of the film.

Credit: Crosscut
Credit: Crosscut

Spotlight also impressed me with journalistic-like process and how it depicted the events. It doesn’t show any bias, but expertly crafts its narrative with witness testimony and buried records. Even with its craft, the amount of information presented in the film could be considered overwhelming in other instances, but McCarthy finds the perfect pacing for every aspect of the film.

The subject matter of Spotlight may be hard to digest for some believers, but, nevertheless, it should remain a testament to the blurred lines that we are often faced with. The consequences in life carry real weight, whether our role was directly or indirectly responsible. This film raises important questions and is a must-see for 2015.

Will you be seeing Spotlight?

Anthony Ibarra
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