Owen Wilson Finds Out What He Is Made Of In ‘No Escape’ Movie

I didn’t expect much from this film. I mean, who would? The trailer depicts an action thriller, set in Southeast Asia, with Owen Wilson as its action star? It would be understandable if one questioned the depth of this film. However, the trailer did a decent job of catching my interest, so when I received free advanced screening tickets, I was onboard. And let me tell you: with low to no expectations about this film, I was pleasantly surprised by No Escape and Owen Wilson.

As I mentioned, I didn’t expect much from this film. I’ve only ever known Owen Wilson to be in rom-coms and comedies, so this didn’t seem to be a film I would normally see in theaters. The scene that caught me was shot of Wilson tossing his daughter from one roof to his wife on another building, the “money-shot” if you will. Plus, I had free passes to see the film, so I went ahead and gave it a shot. The IMDb summary reads:

In their new overseas home, an American family soon finds themselves caught in the middle of a coup, and they frantically look for a safe escape in an environment where foreigners are being immediately executed.

The lack of details involving the “coup” and where the family’s “new overseas home” is should tell you something about the main story of the film: details are sparse. No Escape chooses not to focus on the copious amounts of details surrounding the events of the film, and, instead, centers around its characters. Over the course of the movie, Owen Wilson doesn’t inexplicably become some sort of action star that punches his way through ’til the end. Instead, Jack Dwyer (Wilson) is simply a father that must do what it takes to protect his family, and the audience understands that.

Credit: The Work Print
Credit: The Work Print

The cast, all around, drives this film and captures the reality of this perilous situation. Pierce Brosnan (007, The November Man) and Lake Bell (Wet Hot American Summer) are among the lead cast members that nudge Owen Wilson in the right direction. If I had to “nitpick” about anything, it would be some of the visual effects. Other than that, I genuinely enjoyed my time with this film.

See No Escape in theaters September 4.

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