Michael Fassbender is praise-worthy and bold in ‘Macbeth’

There aren’t many actors that can completely undergo drastic transformations for their roles. And no, I’m not talking about Johnny Depp’s crazy makeup looks. I’m talking about actors that can completely become their characters, and their acting chops range from genre to genre. I believe Michael Fassbender is one of those actors, and his skill is most evident in his performance in Macbeth.

“I am in blood, stepped in so far.” – Macbeth

After delivering one of the most powerful performances of the year in the Danny Boyle film Steve Jobs, Fassbender doesn’t relent in his truly Shakespearen portrayal of the ambitious king. He’s not alone; Marion Cotillard, who portrays Lady Macbeth, is also brilliant in her portrayal of his determined wife. One of the great aspects of the film, and of the play, is that it isn’t Macbeth’s sole ambition to take the throne. His wife pushes him into the act, and, inevitably, into insanity.

One of the most notable accomplishments of this adaptation is the outstanding cinematography. The beauty and visceral experience of the film was shown in the trailers, and it is just as powerful in every scene. Speaking solely about the cinematography, my favorite scene had to be the ending scene with the blood orange color, showing the intensity and stakes of the battle.

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I will admit, not having read the play made it difficult to follow the dialogue and, thus, not the most entertaining. However, while not the most entertaining, Macbeth creates a masterful adaptation of the source material. Moreover, the impressive nature of the performances is an understatement. Seeing Fassbender’s descent into insanity was bone-chilling and made me want to study the dialogue a bit for. Will you be seeing Macbeth?

Anthony Ibarra
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