“Mad Max: Fury Road” births an infectious vision of chaos and madness

In a world of reboots and sequels, Mad Max: Fury Road embodies the bold and creative vision that many strive for.

When first hearing about this film, I was all in. I’m a huge fan of Tom Hardy, and the first trailer sold me on a franchise I hadn’t known existed prior to this film. However, this wasn’t the case for a couple of moviegoers that I had a brief exchange with. The older gentlemen had arrived early to be the first in line for the film, and what they said intrigued me quite a bit.

“I’ve been waiting for this film for 30 years.”

That’s crazy! It has been 30 years since the release of the last Mad Max film, and I can only imagine the excitement of having a favorite movie from three decades ago brought back and re-envisioned for contemporary audiences. In any case, all fans, young and old, are in for one exciting thrill ride that verges on insanity.

The film opens with the initial capture of Max, a wanderer who is running from a dark past. He is taken to the Citadel and is used as a “blood bag” because of his universal donor status. Meanwhile, Furiosa, a servant to the evil Immortan Joe, plans a daring escape and helps the wives of Immortan Joe along the way. Upon hearing of this, Immortan Joe calls for his horde of followers to hunt down Furiosa and return his “property.” The remainder of the film follows the over-the-top car chases and battles between Furiosa, her fellow slaves, and the accompanying Max.


George Miller, the director of the film, has been in production for this film for the last 25 years and has been shooting it for the past three years. Because the film has received so much attention, the cinematic experience audiences are in for is nothing short of spectacular. The cinematography alone is a beautiful and larger-than-life seasoning to the already intense action sequences. Speaking of the action sequences, can we talk about them? Miller is a creative genius, and it shows in these extremely lethal cars and rigs. Fury Road‘s car chases feature innovative weapons and over-the-top pyrotechnics. I mean, how can it get any better than a guitar that also serves as a flamethrower?

Setting aside the grandiose action scenes, Fury Road also impresses with its talented cast of actors.

Though Tom Hardy is most known for being a serious and frightening presence, his portrayal of the insane Max Rockatansky is not only scary good but funny, at times. Audiences will be thoroughly satisfied with the balance of breathtaking action sequences and brief moments of laughter. While Tom Hardy comes off as the main character in the trailers, he shares quite a bit of screen time with other actors. Charlize Theron, his co-star, does a beautiful job of capturing the complex layers of her character, Furiosa. This is also seen in the film’s hints of feminism.

Though, I use the word “feminism” apprehensively, because I can’t think of another word for it. Mad Max: Fury Road clearly wants to say something about the misogynistic clichés present in many movies and it attempts to flip those clichés on their head. For instance, one scene finds Max having a hard time hitting his distant target and only has one bullet left. In a major role-reversal, Furiosa approaches him from behind, grabs the gun, and finishes the job that Max couldn’t. And the obvious example of misogynistic attitudes is found in Immortan Joe’s feelings toward is wives. He constantly refers to them as his “property” and treats them as such. The women retaliate by fleeing with Furiosa in the beginning and write on the wall, “We are not things!”

Parents should be wary about taking your young children and teens to this film. Though the R Rating may say it all, the film also features brief nudity, exposing clothing, and disturbing images, such as gruesome deaths of people and even an infant.

Undoubtedly, Mad Max: Fury Road exceeds expectations and will prove to be one of the best films of 2015. Fury Road combines the adrenaline high of Furious 7 with the impactful action of Captain America: The Winter Soldier; need I say more? Catch Mad Max: Fury Road in theaters this weekend!

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Anthony Ibarra
I'm Anthony, and I am a writer for ChristCore.net. I live in Austin, TX where I study at the University of Texas. I am an extreme music enthusiast, and love to share my passion for music with others.
Anthony Ibarra
I'm Anthony, and I am a writer for ChristCore.net. I live in Austin, TX where I study at the University of Texas. I am an extreme music enthusiast, and love to share my passion for music with others.