Horrible Bosses 2 is improperly named…

Horrible Bosses 2 sideswiped me last week when, seemingly with zero marketing, I found it was releasing this week. The first film was a bittersweet mixed bag. Containing three of my favorite comedic actors of Arrested Development, SNL and It’s Always Sunny fame, I figured it couldn’t go wrong. Overall, it was funny. However, due to strong sexual content and an over the top amount of vulgarity, it was a let down. I get it, vulgar equals funny in a lot of people’s minds. To me though, it’s just laziness. It’s the poop joke of comedy. Well, I suppose the poop joke is the poop joke of comedy, but you get what I mean. Will Horrible Bosses 2 suffer the same fate as the original? Let’s discuss that.

Horrible Bosses 2 focuses on Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sedakis) and Dale (Charlie Day) reprising their roles as the three men who originally tried to kill their employers. Having moved on, the trio have created a product that will make them rich. But, when billionaires Rex (Chris Pine) and Burt Hansen (Christoph Waltz) swoop in, these three schmucks will be left with nothing. Looks like it’s time for another slapdash scheme by three guys in over their head looking for revenge.

The awkwardly named Horrible Bosses 2 has little to do with anyone’s boss. Horrible Investors would have been a more appropriate title.

If you can see through dense fog of cheap laughs and vulgarity you will find some true laugh out loud moments. The interplay between Nick, Kurt and Dale is the highlight of this film. Though still vulgar, they’re quick white, funny jabs and Nick’s understated dead pan made for some very laughable moments including a very cool Ocean’s 11 style montage.

Sadly, for me, Horrible Bosses 2 makes many of the same missteps as the original. Not that I’d expect more from a sequel not many were asking for but with a cast like this I had high hopes. Instead, we get a vulgar non-sensical script that is way too similar to the original to legitimize it’s existence. If you liked the first movie, you’ll probably like this movie. If you saw the first movie and were put off by the language and sexual content this is probably not your must see Thanksgiving 2014 film.

What did you think of Horrible Bosses 1? Are you going to see Horrible Bosses 2? Let us know in the comments below

Bryce Cooley
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