‘Fantastic Four’ Doesn’t Achieve The High Standards Set By Most Comic Book Films

What is there left to say? Fantastic Four will most likely come to be deemed the most disappointing film of 2015, yet many were hoping for something great from this reboot. The trailers convinced us all, as fans, that this darker approach to Marvel’s longest-running superhero team would pay off, but audiences were largely hesitant about this uneven and extraordinarily dull movie.

Fantastic Four lacked the depth and character development needed to establish these disparate characters as a team of heroes, which led to a highly strange third act. The incredible casting of talents like Miles Teller (Whiplash), Kate Mara (House of Cards), and Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station), should have equated to a film with phenomenal acting. Heck, this could have been one of the most probing and character-rich comic book films in recent years, but many speculate that the studio is behind the film’s rocky reception (read our upcoming article about the rumors circulating about the film).


Though many would expect Fantastic Four to be rife with action, it lacked any semblance of a superhero film. Instead, the audience remains bogged down by the heaviness of the scientific horror that changed these characters. Even then, the film doesn’t give Reed, Ben, Sue, or Johnny the room to breathe and come to grips with their physical changes. Like many other aspects of the film, it is entirely too fast-paced and ungrounded.

Surprisingly, some of the “money shots” seen in the trailers aren’t even in the film! Chalk it up to reshoots and awful editing, but this film does not deliver on the promises made by the trailer. What we are left with is a reboot that may only be considered marginally better than the original Fantastic Four films, but doesn’t stand up against Marvel’s Age of Ultron or Ant-Man.

However, do not let others make judgements for you. See the film for yourself, in theaters now.

Anthony Ibarra
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