Zombie Heart

Well it looks like the zombie craze is catching on in the “Christian” music scene. First I think it was Family Force 5 or Grave Robber. Now it is indie pop artist Gayle Skidmore with her new EP Zombie Heart. Gayle Skidmore produces a sound similar to Eisley or He is We. This three-song album is able to stand up to most full-length’s in this genre of music in two major areas: quality and originality. I was so pumped for this release that along with many others I donated to her Kickstarter project to fund this record.

The title track shows off Gayle’s amazing sweet voice reminiscent of Eisley. All the tracks are piano-driven ballads mixed with strings unlike some of her past material. “The Wild” brings out the relaxed sentimental tone on this EP. This feat is done through Skidmore’s exquisite lolling piano. “Field of Marigolds ” the last track on this very short EP is a beautiful ending to the best piano pop album I’ve heard all year. This track is also a very sad ending to a story you would have hoped to have a happy ending.

While this album may not be the happiest release ever it does put a sober outlook on love and heartbreak. This is the total opposite of what people hear from He is We and other bands. Gayle also doesn’t venture into the utter sadness and despair Eisley does. She is able to find a nice in-between place. This is one EP I feel really comfortable giving a high score because it is one I will listen to for a while now. Anybody who overlooks this artist is really missing out on a good listen.

5/5 Stars: Easy 5 star album!

Brian Morrissette