You’re All Gonna Die

Horror punk seems to be a dead genre pun intended. The sole active Christian band of this genre is Grave Robber. One reason perhaps why there isn a large Christian Horror punk scene is that it is a strange genre. This doesn’t stop Grave Robber from venturing into a new stigma-surrounded genre like horror punk.

On the first listen through I was immediately reminded of glam rockers Sweet. They are the only secular band that I listen to that comes close to Grave Robber’s peculiar brand of music. Though if I am honest my horror punk knowledge is lacking. Grave Robber reminded me of early 2000’s Horror Punk rockers the Deadlines though Grave Robber sounds much more polished and are more true to the horror punk sound. Grave Robber brings about their intense atmosphere through the inclusion of B-Movie sound clips; dark witty lyrics; and loud growning guitars. Also in case you were wondering yup–I’m a horror B-movie fan! Lead Singer “Wretched” goes from shouting “You’re All Gonna Die!”on the song of the same name to singing against domestic violence on “Incredible Shrinking Woman.

With funky song names and creepy vocals Grave Robber reaches into the grave of horror punk and pulls out a real winner. While horror punk may be over 20 years old Grave Robber has created something new and fresh for the Christian market. I think they will only become more popular over time. I hope you give this band and album a good shot.

Side Note: Be on the lookout for more releases from the awesome Rottweiler Records.

4 1/2 /5 Stars: Horror punk at its best! Looking forward to more from them.

Brian Morrissette