Your Sparkling Death Cometh

Being from Oregon I like to cover local bands like Falling Up. Falling Up being from Albany, OR. I have been following them ever since I got into Christian music back in 2008. Since then they went from being a Christian rock band to being an independent experimental rock collective. They than left their label BEC Recordings and broke up. After taking a break, Falling Up is back with vengeance and with new vigor. They released Your Sparkling Death Cometh to great anticipation from fans. Only a couple songs into this album I felt that this was going to be a unique ride that will leave me wanting more.

When Fangs! came out (their album before YSDC) many long time fans hated the new sound. Given about a year off it seems most of them had a change of heart because Your Sparkling Death Cometh debuted with huge ratings. I didn’t pick it up till about a couple months ago when I started listening to Falling Up’s older material again like Dawn Escapes. I decided to pick it up and now review it since a reader requested it forever ago.

Jessy Ribordy and crew went even farther down the road of no return with creativity on this recording. It payed off. They charted unknown territory especially in the Christian realm. With each new album they keep morphing into something better yet still retain some of the old. For the old fans the songs to skip to are “Circadian” “Darkspeed” and “Blue Ghost”. The fans of Falling Up’s newer music will enjoy “Mscron” “The Light Beam Rider” and “Diamnds”. The new listener will thoroughly be entertained and captivated if they like Coheed and Cambria Muse and Chevelle (Sci-Fi Crimes era). New and old followers will find something to like on this album.

Many of the older fans from the Crashing and Dawn Escapes era will still miss some of what made Falling Up Falling Up. Yet the new Falling Up still rocks big time. Fangs! is my favorite of the two so if a person who is new to Falling Up should look there first. Even though I say this YSDC doesn’t fall short of its predecessor’s. To say in a quick bite Falling Up is back in rare form. I can only see greater music coming from them down the road.

Also in other news they are coming slowly out with a new audiobook/music album called Hours and folk album Midnight on Earthship.

4 1/2/5 Stars:* Easy to give such a good rating to an amazing album.

*New more critical rating system.

Brian Morrissette