Your Eyes Look Like They’ve Seen too Much

Heroes Are Forever is a five-piece post-hardcore/pop band from Fresno, California. They are an unsigned band that started in early 2009, and from what I can see, they have kept themselves pretty busy. Just by looking at their Myspace page, they have shared the stage with some pretty big bands, like As I Lay Dying and Haste the Day. So the first thing after listening to this album my question was, why aren’t these guys signed!? They have a pretty tightly knit sound, and for an unsigned band their production is phenomenal.

Speaking of sound, these guys bolster a nice one, a mix between hardcore and pop. This mix givestheir sounda nice heavy feel in numerous sections but then more of a pop sound when the clean vocals come in. These segments are actually quite catchy and draw you into the songs. The only bad news about this is that this doesn’t make the band anything unique. Since there are countless bands that have done this sound before, that gives this EP a strong sense of familiarity. But just because it’s not original doesn’t make this release bad, because they are actually quite good at the sound they have. Heroes Are Forever write some really catchy stuff and do their job of dropping a hook with catchy choruses and reeling you in. That is the sign of a band doing this sound well because so many bands have worn this sound out for me, and honestly It’s quite enjoyable by these guys.

The vocals on this album fluctuate from hardcore screams and low growls to sugary-catchy, sing-a-long pop melodies. The screams to me sound like countless other bands, but they are decent. They do fluctuate between highs and lows, so that is a plus that there is a good range. So even though they do have a similar feel to other screams, I would consider them above average. The clean vocals sound really pleasant and are quite impressive in most spots. They mix nicely with the screaming, so it is a good contrast. It’s always a good sign when a band can make good use of screaming and clean vocals and can put them together effectively.

None of the band members are exactly exceptionally amazing at their respective instruments, but at the same time they definitely aren’t lacking in skill and leave you fairly impressed.As I mentioned earlier, they have a solidly knit sound, which really doesn’t leave any complaints about them musically. The drumming is fast, pounding, and enjoyable, and the bass fills out the sound. Then the guitarists play some delectable riffs and craft some nice melodies. There are also some nice syth/distorted electronic effects thrown in that add a different feel to the music, which is a nice touch.

Overall for a fairly new band I’m pretty impressed. They sound good, you can tell they know how to work together as a band, and they have made an enjoyable EP. It does its job, grabbing your interest and dragging you in for a quick ride. At the end I was ready to jump back on for more. So I’m just hoping for a full-length album sometime soon so that I can hear some more. These guys have a bright future. If they work with this sound some more and mold it into something unique and truly their own, they will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Guest Writer