The incredible indie rock band named My Epic will blow you away with deep lyrics beautiful bass playing shrieking lead guitar lines and raw vocals that shock the listener with their honesty and an open-book approach.Yet is their second album on Facedown Records/Dreamt Music.Their first was called I Am Undone and was released to good ratings but this new album is by far a better album.

“Author” starts things off with a sound that should belong on a metal album with its aggressive guitar licks that are played by Aaron Stone who also lead sings. One of the highlights of the album would have to be “Lower Still ” with heavy bass lines played by Jeremiah Austin group shouts and a special vocal appearance by Micah Boyce of so long forgotten; they all make for a great overall feeling for this song. “Lashes” really hits home with its lyrics about sexual temptation and how it feels.

The music on this track puts the vocals more up front than the guitars drums and bass but the music still manages to be beautiful. The amazing song called “Rich” has lovely vocals by Aaron and awesome rolling-type drums done by Jesse Stone with really laid back guitars done by Aaron. The best ballad of sorts on the album is “Patience and Silence ” with Jesse’s drums having a sort of cool rat-a-tat sound and Aaron’s vocals being sweet but sour at the same time. The total opposite to “Patience and Silence” is “Sound and Fury ” which has a big As Cities Burn influence to it and also has at some points Aaron’s hardest guitar playing so far on this album.

Next up is “Pour ” which with its gang vocals and all-around sound feels like “Lower Still” but amped up. “Ashes” is a song that at times feels like somebody is shouting in your ears but then Aaron starts to sing and it goes to a soft tone and back and forth. The ninth track “Further up/Further In ” is another type of ballad song but not as sad as “Patience and Silence” and a tad softer. The Finale is “Perfector.”It has a somber feel that talks about when Jesus comes again for his followers with an amazingly beautiful vocal performance by Aaron and also his guitar lines sounding like they’re singing.

Yet is one of the best indie rock releases this year and will blow anybody’s mind when listened to which makes it have a good chance of receiving the album of the year award from this reviewer.

Brian Morrissette