Wolves at the Gate’s “Reprise” EP features acoustic renditions and special guests

Wolves At The Gate isn’t new to the game, and their well-composed EP Reprise proves that. For fans of the band, and fans of good worship and My Epic’s “Broken Voice” EP, this album is the perfect choice for you.

We’ve been covering news from Ohio hardcore band Wolves At The Gate for years now. Their 2014 release “VxV” definitely produced a more refined sound than previous releases. Reprise, their latest release, continues to build on years of material, even featuring an acoustic rendition of “Dead Man” (from the album “Captors”).

What makes Reprise special is the addition of a handful of talented vocalists. The tracklist, including special guest vocalists, is as follows:

1. Dead Man (feat. Michael McGough from Being As An Ocean)
2. Relief (feat. Toby Morrell from Emery)
3. The Bird and the Snake (feat. Ryan Leitru from For Today)
4. The Father’s Bargain (feat. Zach Bolen from Citizens & Saints)
5. East to West (feat. Aaron Troyer from Come Wind)
6. Waste

It is also a standout release because of the songs’ arrangement. This isn’t merely a stripped down, acoustic album, it is a full-band experience. That means you’ll get a little percussion, lead guitar, and keys in the mix. Reprise is a fulfilling experience, which utilizes Steve Cobucci’s strong vocals. This EP reminds me a lot of My Epic‘s “Broken Voice” album, which was also acoustic and used a full-band. Check out this acoustic rendition of “Dead Man” and see for yourself!

Have you listened to Reprise? What did you think?

Anthony Ibarra
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