With Shivering Hearts We Wait

It has been four long years since Blindside has released anything. Most people had given up on them for dead. But to the applause of fans, Blindside is back! Earlier this year Blindside launched a brand new album entitled With Shivering Hearts We Wait. Since then they have set out on a full USA tour to support their latest album. But for the people who are unfamiliar with this band I’m getting ahead of myself. So here is a little information on who Blindside is. They are a Post-Hardcore band dating back to the late ’90s. All the band members live in Stockholm, Sweden. They have become legends in the Christian rock world for pushing boundaries and always delivering something new.

The only question left for most fans was whether WSHWW would stand up to the rest of Blindside’s releases. Before I go too far, I’ll answer this question with a firm YES, this album does stand up to its predecessors. While it may be a lot lighter than their old material, there is still enough punk to thrill any long-time fans. I think that the change in sound shows the band has matured personally and musically. The track that shows off the most of their new rock opera sound would be the title track, With Shivering Hearts We Wait ” which is just amazing. On the flip side the next track “Bring Out Your Dead ” shows off Blindside’s crazy wild head-banging side. It also is apparent on the first listen that lead vocalist Christian Lindskog’s vocals have become only better over time. The instrumentation on With Shivering Hearts We Wait is superb showing the experience and technicality of guitarist Simon Grenehed. Without going too in depth this is all around the best Blindside album yet.

On WSHWW the messages and the meanings of the songs have to be experienced to get the full idea. So I’ve decided not to go into detail on the lyrics.

Some will probably disagree with the above statement but I think this album is better for different reasons from what you may think. The main reason for this being “better” is that WSHWW is their most unique and individual album ever. Older fans may have trouble getting into the “new” Blindside. I believe though that most of them will respect the band for branching out. One thing we can all agree on is Blindside is definitely not even close to being dead. I can say without a doubt that Blindside is heading for bigger and better things. Look out world because Blindside is back!

5/5 Stars: Great Post-Hardcore album from the masters of the genre Blindside.

PS. I know I give out a ton of 5-star rating; this is because I like to review albums I love.

Worth buying on: CD

Track Listing:

1. There Must Be Something in the Water 5/5

2. My Heart Escapes 5/5

3. Monster on the Radio 5/5

4. It’s All I Have 4/5

5. Bloodstained Hollywood Ending 5/5

6. Our Love Saves Us 5/5

7. Bring Out Your Dead 5/5

8. Withering 4/5

9. Cold 5/5

10. There Must Be Something in the Wind 5/5

Brian Morrissette