Wishing For Boardwalk

Red Umbrella is a band that produces good melodic rock in the vein of Coldplay with at times a touch of the danceable pop sound that bands like Franz Ferdinand have made popular. This album is a huge change of pace from the overly populated hardcore and metalcore styles that are over saturating the underground music scene. Let’s just say, that this is an album that I could put in and not have to worry about my wife complaining about it being to loud. It’s relaxing, catchy and really good. “Wishing For Boardwalk? is an album that has a chance of launching these Canadian’s into radio airplay on both the Secular and Christian markets and winning fans all over the world. Check these guys out if you just enjoy something calming to catch your breath and give your headache sometime to go away in between metal albums or if you enjoy artists such as The Beatles, The Killers or any of the new wave Brit Pop sound.

Guest Writer