Why We Never Go Swimming…

Elijah Wyman plays a mellow indie folk acoustic style music. The music is rather catchy and the lyrics are dark and sorrowful. The list of intruments is huge.

Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Cajon, Floor Toms, Nuts, Percussion, Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano, Vibratone, Trumpet, Drums, Percussion, Tamborine, Flute

All the instruments fit well together and make for a very epic sound. Elijah Wyman doesn’t have the voice you would expect. He melodicly talks to the flow of the music. (think mewithoutyou) He does sing too, just not all the time.

This is a rather short cd with two instrumentals, making seven actual tracks. This is a very enjopyable cd and a nice break from the norm.

Guest Writer