Where the Meager Die of Self Interest

This cd is confusing! I still don’t know whether i hate it or love it yet! Basically the style of music Wuss plays in this album is really fast punk. The closest band they sound like is Lugnut. I mean… this band plays SO fast! Which is pretty cool. And the lyrical content is really strong! The way the lyrics are written makes it sound like they hired a poet to write them. The lyrics are filled with so much depth, it’s amazing. The guitars aren’t anything special though. Sure they are played really fast, but for Wuss the guitars don’t stick out. The drums are a little better. They are played really fast and with alot of umph! But the instrument that really sticks out is the bass. I know that’s wierd for me to say cause a lot of times the bass is forgotten in a band. But it’s different for Wuss. The bass in this cd is simply awesome.

Hmm… what about the vocals? Well, if you are a punker and aren’t into hardcore/metal vocals, than you might not like Wuss. The vocals aren’t your average punk vocals. Nor are they exactly death metal sounding. The vocals kinda sound like Mike Herrera of MxPx losing his voice and trying to sound hardcore while going through puberty. So I can see why a lot of people would not like this cd. I personally think the vocals sound kinda good. Another thing that people might not like is that this band is pretty random. The guitarist is probably all over the guitar(which kind of bothered me). The only other thing they could have done better on is the recording. The guitars and drums could have been a bit more clearer.

Anyways… I think the best track on the cd is #3 the dawning of this night divine.” You may have heard it on Songs from the Penalty Box volume 2.

This song is filled with a little metal and a lot of punk. It gave me the chills the first time I heard it. Another really good song is the secret song. The intro to it is like three minutes long but the song gets pretty good when Jeff (the vocalist) starts singing. It’s really instrumental though. Make sure you realize that this review was about the cd and not the band. The band has gotten pretty soft lately. Well that’s my first review! So if you want a cd that is totally out of the ordinary get this one!

I rated this cd from the fact that the ups and downs even out to about the same size. This cd pretty much equals out to an average cd.

Guest Writer