Where Do We Go From Here?

*Re-published under permission of the writer, courtesy of Phantom Tollbooth*

Pillar asks the question, “Where do we go from here?” a CD of the same name brought forth from a change in musical styling and pure circumstances. Fireproof which was highly acclaimed with over 300 000 copies sold was picked up by MCA Records and for a moment was re-released to the mainstream market. The record label restructured and after a chain of events Pillar was free to pursue various labels including some mainstream ones; the band settled on Flicker Records and signed once again with a place that seems like home.

Where Do We Go From Here? steps out of the rap rock/core days of yesteryear for Pillar with a sound of nu-hard rock and borderline nu-metal. The first three tracks “Hypnotise ” “Bring Me Down ” and “Holding On ” suffice but these tracks Don’t show Pillar shining as well as possible. Moving past the first three tracks the middle of the project is quite choppy and doesn’t fit well enough onto the CD for quality. One thing is certain though–the last tracks are exemplary showing that Pillar can riff play heavy music and perform loose music that makes the listener forget about Pillar’s rap rock and bring attention to the heaviness that is present.

All in all Where Do We Go From Here? picks up ground and for its total quality including the first three songs and strong final tracks this CD is worth buying.

Guest Writer