When Everything Falls

This long awaited sophmore release has been worth the wait. HTD brings back the same hard hitting music and break downs from the last cd, with a little bit more singing in the songs. The title and more suited to say anthem song on the album When Everthing Falls” is such an amazing song that hits the heart. It really is an insperational song when you feel like everyone around you has turned their backs on you and you know you must go on and keep striving with God’s help and strength.

Its easy to say that all the songs are hit songs but a few of my favorites are “If I Could See.” Which in the chorus says “If I could only see you clearly all though no body hears my cry.” These songs Don’t bring just distruction but also bring passion an strength in times of hurt and pain.

The first track on the cd “Fallen” is an awesome song that to me seems to mean when they say “You’ve been alone for far too long time to return” that when you get to that point in your life when you feel you’ve been so far from God and realize it that its okay and to just return to him.

This cd is amazing and you’ll for sure wear it out. The only down side of this cd is that the songs structure of “hardcore versus'” and then “nice soft sing anthem chrous” seems to follow in a lot of the songs but you get over it and love it anyways.lol

Pre-order it at tower records and get a cool key chain when it comes in the mail. Remember June 28th Don’t forget and visit www.wheneverythingfalls.com for a cool e-card on the cd

Guest Writer