What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again

Speaking as a Sleep For Sleepers fan I was extremely nervous about listening to this album for the first time. Although i had no doubt that i was going to enjoy the record i had no clue if it was going to be the same musical direction as there debut release “The Clearing” that i fell in love with. But in the first 10 seconds of listening to “What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again “ any fear or questions i had were laid to rest. Sleep For Sleepers could not have taken a step in a better direction.

Often times when a band spends most of their time on the road they will tend to write faster more energetic music to make their live show more exciting. And thats exactly what to expect from “What Has Been Doneandhellip;” The songs are more energetic and geared towards the more involved audience member. Besides the song “The Heights We’ve Come To Fear ” a slow ballad the other 6 songs will keep your energy at a high. You can tell Jamey Price (singer) did not just write lyrics for the sake of sing along. The band has made it very clear that their relationship with Jesus Christ is the reason they play music. “When we shine we’re brighter in the dark. When we hurt It’s less painful from the start. I guess It’s all on me but id Don’t want to leave now. God be faithful to me” – (of what Ihave let it be enough)

I’m so happy that SFS decided to return to Whittier CA to work with Jeff Darcy (producer/engineer) to create “What Has Been Doneandhellip;” Sleep For Sleepers has created an original signature sound for themselves much like Mae-Destination Beautiful or Jimmy Eat World-Clarity did for their bands. I wouldn’t be surprised if SFS rip-off bands started popping up all over.

I think that this album is a great addition to any record collection. If you are just jumping on the SFS train i would suggest going back and getting “The Clearing” as well. The two albums flow together beautifully. “What Has Been Done Will Be Done Again” is the proof that you can make a fantastic DIY record. I would recommend this album for fans of Number One Gun and Brighten.

Guest Writer