What Are You Waiting for

Let me just say one word about this CD. . .INFECTIOUS! I caught myself singing these guys in the shower the other day, thats how infectious they are!!! I am not really a huge fan of the whole new pop punk fad but these guys sure hit the nail on the head.

Combining punk, pop, and even some dashes of hip hop influence FM Static is sure to be hit at your youth group. FM Static is actually a side project of the rap metal guys Thousand Foot Krutch. These guys know how to write really catchy songs from Three Days Later ” “Definately Maybe ” and “The Notion ” are pure examples of this.

The only draw back to this disc is that it tends to get a little repetitive the same breakdowns and the same song structure. I really reccomend this disc if you like bands such as Relient K Good Charlotte and Sugarcult. Hey who knows you might find yourself singing these songs in the shower too!

Guest Writer