Welcome Race Fans

I have decided to start mixing in some older album reviews with the newest and latest band reviews people have come to look for on Christcore.net. This will include old Toothand Nail, Word, and other ’90s and early ’00s bands. This brings me to Dakoda Motor Co., a ’90s surf punk band that was able to put a Christian spin on a genre known for girl ogling and scantily-clad women.” Dakoda is one of the only surf punk bands to make it big in the Christian music industry. They would also have turned heads in the secular music scene over the time of their career.

Their highly-acclaimed hit Into The Sun was put out prior to the release of the easily forgotten Welcome Race Fans. I decided to review WRF because of the diversity and branching out found on this album compared to their prior release. This was a shocking thing to be found in such a young band.

Dakoda Motor Co. sounds could be described as a mix between the Sixties Beach Boys and The Trashmen to country singers like Johnny Cash and Patsy Cline. Welcome Race Fans ranges in styles from instant surf punk classics like “Alive” to country lullabies like “Love Runs Home.” Davia Vallesillo’s vocals are akin to Joan Jett or Heart’s Ann Wilson at their most rockingness but her vocals could be sweet like those of June Carter or Loretta Lynn. The vocals never miss on this record; she is probably one of the best Christian female lead-singers of all time. Too bad it seems like most people have forgotten her.

The lyrics on Welcome Race Fans stay rather light but sometimes they do give a slap to Satan’s face. One example of this would be track 7 “Stand Up”:

“You aren’t a friend of mine You are not welcome here You’re everything I despise And I haven’t got the time to waste on you all day I’ve got to step into the light”

“Stand Up” is not only an outstanding song lyrically but is also a great song musically too.

Sadly after three incredible releases Dakoda Motor Co. disbanded in 1997. For fans though the memory will live on through these three great albums by them. They will probably be remembered by some as the only true surf punk band to make it big in the Christian music scene. In 2006 the band reunited with original lead-singer Davia. I think this lasted for maybe only a year or two but sadly after an announcement about a new album the band just disappeared again. Their website was soon taken down. What are left are a lot of questions and a couple short YouTube demo videos of some new songs. Most of these questions will probably never be answered.

5/5 Stars:Classic punk rock record that many so-called “punk” bands could learn a thing or two from. All fans can hope for is that they will really reunite again.

*The date of the release is wrong. Our database only goes back to 2006. The actual release date was in 1994.

Album Length: 36.7 Minutes

Track Listing:

1. Alive

2. Truth

3. Trip To Pain

4. Uglier

5. Love Runs Home

6. Where Did It Go?

7. Stand Up

8. Ooh That Girl

9. Friend In My Eyes

10. Free

11. Rockin’ In The Mall

Brian Morrissette