We Cry Out: The Worship Project

Jeremy Camp was the first Christian artist I ever got into and also the one who fueled my love for music. So I have been a fan of his music since my middle school years through my high school years,up to this point. Now my tastes are mostly all rock and metal, but Jeremy Camp is one of the few exceptions because he has an outstanding voice, honest and heartfelt lyrics, and is doing what God has called him to do.The latter is exactly what he is fulfillingthrough thissecond worship album.

There is much to love about this release. It features numerous covers and some of Jeremy’s own original worship songs. The covers and original material are split withfive covers andsix originals on this album, which leaves a pretty good balance. I think the covers are done especially well, and I easily enjoy Jeremy’s versions more than any of the original artists’ recordings. Jeremy brings new life into these songs with the passion he displays and his powerful voice.

Jesus Saves” opens the album and is a really well-done cover with strong vocals anda rocking worship track. And yes “Mighty to Save” is on here like it is on many other worship albums but it is done really well by Jeremy and I think he has the perfect voice for this song. “Everlasting God” is done well and is given a nice rock feel enhanced by Jeremy’s typical strong vocals.

“Overcome” was originally written by Jon Egan from the Desperation Band and was done excellently by that band a really good worship band. I didn’t know how I Jeremy would match up when I have such a strong liking for Desperation but Jeremy gave the song justice andprovides a strong moment on the album followed just as strongly by “Never Let Go ” wrapping up the cover tracks.

The original songs on here are just as strong as the covers and are some great new worship songs. Jeremy puts forth some very heartfelt worship lyrics and pours out his heart in these songs which flow greatly with thefive cover songs showing hisremarkable heart for worship.

“Not Ashamed” has to be my new favorite worship song having a great declaration of who we should be as Christians and is an outstanding song withan amazing anthem that is stated in the chorus of:

“I’m not ashamed of the gospel/ I’m not ashamed of Jesus Christ/ I will stand and boldly say/ this is my life whoa.

This song was co-written with Jon Egan of the Desperation Band and does throw in the flavor of a Desperation song. It is easily the best song on the album. The other originals are also done well with some nice musical arrangements and the consistently strong lyrical writing of Jeremy Camp. All of them are nice additions to the album “Unrestrained” being the next best original worship track after “Not Ashamed.

Now the only small complaint is that this collection sounds close enough to other bands out there and nothing too new is presented. But this is an extremely well-done worship album and one of the strongest in the genre. Strong vocals paired with great songs and strong worshipful lyrics–what more can you ask for? That’s what worship music is all about. Jeremy has a great selection of cover songs thatcomplementgreatlyhis originals and when he does them so well there really is no complaint about them being covers.

You will be swept away by this worshipful album so much so that the 50 minutes almost goes by too quickly. This is a very strong worship release and fits in nicely with the rest of Jeremy’s catalog of albums. If you want a really great album to worship God with this is the one to pick up; you won’t regret it.

Guest Writer