We Are The Threat

If the title is any indication of their sound, you better run for your life. xDeathstarx has released one of the most brutal, face pounding albums of the last several years with their Facedown Records debut “We Are The Threat?. Seven members strong, xDSx rips through 11 tracks of furious tracks that just don’t let up. The energy of their music makes you feel as if you have just been to a show and have been in a pit, with semi and a train. While the music is intense and the lyrics are great, things do get somewhat repetitive, making subsequent listens difficult. Deathstar is more of an in your face tough-guy hardcore band, that doesn’t do too much in the way of technicality. For the most part, you don’t even realize that there are 3 vocalist, it sounds like something they could do with 2 and maybe focus on making the songs stand out a little more from each other. A few of the standout tracks are the title track “We Are The Threat? which features the first guitar solo of the album, “The Great Opiate? starts off almost like an old school thrash song, and “Because The Flesh Is Weak? which talks about what it’s like to be straight-edge and face the struggles of life (which parallels being a Christian). While lyrically, they speak a lot about being edge, they do have a strong Christian influence. If you like music that is just honest and brutal, then add “We Are The Threat? to your cd collection. You will not regret it.

Guest Writer