Watch What Happens

“Yo I got jokes. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…” Fiti Futuristic. As a listener you can only hope it’s a joke.

The first question that comes to mind upon hearing “Watch What Happens” is “Why didn’t this come out on April 1st?” because the album plays out more like a bad sophomoric prank than a viable sophomore hip hop project. “Watch What Happens” opens with an introductory track that includes the following line: “This ain’t for executives this is for my janitors.” That makes perfect sense considering the album is like a huge piece of trash that needs to be cleaned off of the airwaves. “The Boy Who Could Fly” takes the listener further into the mind of Fiti who is obviously delusional claiming to be a superhero. When he includes the line: “I’m about to be your favorite rap singer ” he at least garners some sympathy for his naivety. Listening to “Watch What Happens” gives you the feel of the American Idol judges facing countless contestants who really think they have talent but actually sound like a stray cat in heat. The lead single “Can’t Get Enough” starts out with the following line: “Officially the bar’s been raised.” This line can only make sense in one of two ways. First when you consider it in context with the previous song (“The Boy Who Can Fly”) you realize that he’s already broken the bounds of gravity in his mind and “raising the bar” could actually mean lowering it. The other explanation is that Fiti is discussing a game of limbo where raising the bar is actually progressing backwards. Regardless of the meaning by the time track four (“The Game Is Shut Down”) begins the listener starts to wonder if at least this CD can fly.

It’s difficult to listen to this album in It’s entirety and painful to hear someone pour out their “heart and soul” and produce music that is subliminal (other than pity) at best. “Watch What Happens” exposes Zach Tannehill a.k.a. Fiti Futuristic for the KJ-52 wannabe that he really is. “Everything in this [review] is a lie.” (On the real.. the album is dope).

Guest Writer