War of Ages

HOLY POOP! I in no way expected such an amazing album like this. War of Ages debut cd totally rocks my socks off! This cd is freaking nuts.

The Intro track actually has a meaning/point to it. It is a clip of someone saying The biggest cause of atheism is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and deny him with their lifestyle…” That really sets the mood for the rest of the album a metal onslaught with lyrics that just pump you up to go do something about your faith! War of Ages is heavy on guitar solos and the recording favors the guitars so you always have them blaring. And yes…there are breakdowns but not breakdown fever.

The vocals are in your face and there is some talking/singing parts. The lyrics are just incredible. Ex. “If we rise together as one we can take this world by storm” It is positive encouraging and intense.

There are a few negative things. The drums are really good I mean really good but the recording has them set off in the background and to really pay attention to them to have to really listen for it. Some bass lines sound weird. Not a real big deal.

Bottom Line:Buy this now! This is in the top three albums this year. This is alongside As I lay Dying and Symphony In Peril. You get 10 full music tracks for $8.99!

Guest Writer