Wake Up O Sleeper

The success of this album is amazing. just a year ago not to many people were fans of Cool Hand Luke, and then the relese of Wake Up O Sleeper” swept people off of their feet. I went to one of the shows they played at Virgin Megastore here in ohio after their release and the show just blew my mind! A drummer a guitarist a bassist who is the singer you ask? The drummer! Thats right the bands drummer Mark Nicks is also the bands vocalist. Very strange indeed.

The album Wake Up O Sleeper is a story in its self. The story you will have to unravel yourself upon listening to each track. Every song on this album took time effort and dedication in my opinion.

?I believe the Word of God is living and if the Word of God is in our songs then our songs would be living too ? says Mark.

This album I beleive is an act of worship released on Floodgate Records on March 25 2003. I highly suggest any fans of the old Cool Hand Luke to look into the new Cool Hand Luke. Not only is the sound different but the emotion and inspiration is different. Each song having its own meaning to you.

Guest Writer