Wake the Dead

to be completely honest when i first heard comeback kid it was before they had released turn it around” on facedown records and all i had heard was 2 mp3s online… i thought they were cool but nothing too special. but eventually i grew to love those song and when i finally got my hands on “turn it around” they quickly became one of my personal top five favorite bands. before i heard this new cd i read that this releas was to be more melodic than thier previous efforts so i was alittle dissapointed….. blah blah blah. ANYWAYS… “Wake the Dead” is truly an amazing album. so far i’ve only listened to it about twice because i got it this morning but let me tell you.. if you’re at all a fan of “turn it around” you will absolutely love this. it seems that pretty much everything about the band has gotten tighter with this release. COMEBACK KID has truly matured in thier songwriting vocally and musically. I felt like giving this album a 10 is an injustice… it deserves a 100 0 0 0 0 0 013.75

even if you’re not a fan of comeback kid you should buy it simply because…. because you realize that you will be a much more well rounded person for listening to them.



Guest Writer