Many bands have come and gone since Ruth released their first album on Tooth & Nail Records in 2007. Despite the ever changing musical landscape, Ruth has been able to stick in there. Even with this fact being true, one of my favorite albums, Anorak, was released by this little Northwestern indie rock band. Their latest EP, Voila, released February 22nd, came out under the radar. I was unaware they were releasing a new album. I was looking forward to when I would have the time to really give it a good listen. That time came today while working on my photography. Voila matched my mood perfectly. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to it.

This album took me by surprise. Not only did I not know one of my favorite bands was releasing an album, but also one of this caliber. With Voila, Ruth has really honed their craft and broken out of the stagnation that indie music has felt in recent years. To a certain extent I think they did a good job. The lyrics are heartfelt and genuine. The music itself feels right at home.

My one small complaint with Voila would be that at times it feels to similar and safe to previous releases. Still, Dustin Ruth and crew should be proud of what they accomplished with Voila.

The stand out track for me was “Somewhere” on this EP. I feel that it showed growth in Ruth’s sound and style. “Somewhere” felt like Dustin Ruth (lead singer) managed to bridge the gap between his solo career and Ruth. It incorporated Ruth signature melancholy, bittersweet melodies with Dustin’s acoustic guitar work from Learn How to Love Somebody.

This album is a delight to listen to both artistically and for the heck of it. The core of this album is for me yet to be discovered. I doubt I’ll have it pinned for a while yet. That is what is so nice about this sort of EP – the listening value is there. I had to come back and listen to it again and again. I wanted to understand it a little bit more. I wanted to see the world or scene as Dustin Ruth sees it.

That is what makes a really great lyricist and artist: being able to show the listener your viewpoint.

This is exhibited well here. This is why I think I’ll keep listening to this album for a little bit longer.

Brian Morrissette