for those of us who have known them for the past few years thrice has always been one of our favorite punkrock/metal/hardcore bands and has always displayed an amazing amount of talent both lyrically and musically. with thier new album Vheissu” they bring the same. to be completely honest when i first heard the direction this album was going in i was disappointed i was hoping for more of the thrice i had come to cherish while in high school. my first critical opinion of this album was that it sounded to me almost like coldplay with a few breakdowns scattered sporatically throughout the album. anyways after listening to this album all the way through i came to the conclusion that this album is by far the most diverse mature and hauntingly amazing work that thrice has ever done. everything from the album layout to the message behind every single song is absolutely mind blowing. this is an album that will leave you breathless. the lyrics are full of love hope and faith.

“Vheissu” is by far one of the greatest albums of the year.

Guest Writer