Josiah labels them as Spirit-filled hardcore. The name comes from their passion to get the Christian hardcore scene back to the right focus, back toward God.

The CD has some great lyrical content. They are generally straightforward and contain many truths. These guys surely do not candy coat what they believe. You KNOW whom they play for. The guitar riffs as well as bass are played superb. Nothing repetitive or dull about the guitars. They offer some great breakdowns that are very dancable. My favorite is the riff at the very start of the CD; it opens up beautifully and sets the mood for the whole CD. The vocals are screamed and are very high pitched, kind of like Emery, except screaming the whole time.

The major flaw with the CD is the recording. The drums are barely heard, and vocals feel as if the same line is repeated throughout the entire album. Even during select singing parts, the vocals are not crystal clear. Reading the lyrics while listening helps little, but not a lot. If the CD would have scored a 9 if the recording was better, but I cannot give it that with this obvious flaw.

Should you buy this cd?

Guest Writer