There are more than a few Christian female-fronted rock bands out there. Battlelion (Battle Lion) is one of the unknown ones and another husband-wife duo. They have been around for a surprisingly short time. They are similar to Skillet or even Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Boston….the list goes on. The genre that I think best describes them is hard rock, maybe a little blues rock too. They definitely hold on to an older way of rock, which sets them apart from Flyleaf, Fireflight, and The Letter Black. They released a full-length album in 2009 titled Angels Song Still Ringing, but have been pretty quiet since then–until the middle of last year, when they put out an EP called Vengeance.

This EP is a 5-song sample of hopefully what is to come from the band. It is a stand alone EP which helps make it flow better. Vengeance showcases growth from their original album while still maintaining a familiar texture. One of the problems is sometimes the music can get that “haven’t I heard this before” feeling. For example on “The Fall of Babylon” the beginning guitar riff reminds me a lot of Children 18:3’s song “What About Justice”. Their last album had more trouble with this than Vengeance. The good things are Natasha Milner’s vocals have really improved since their debut LP and are similar to those of We Are The Fallen’s Carly Smithson and Andy Milner’s guitar work brings to mind The Letter Black and Love And Death (Brian “Head” Welch). Mixed together this duo does a good job of making meaningful music.

While not the most ground-breaking band ever the passion and heart is there. These qualities will carry them far in their ministry. Sadly the “Christian” music scene right now doesn’t really care about heart or they would be more well-known by now. Vengeance is a vast improvement from their last album which was average to good at best. So if you are looking for more music like P.O.D. Skillet and Evanescence then look no farther than Battlelion. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this record and will continue to off and on for a while. It is one of those EPs that gets stuck in your head because of the catchiness of the lyrics and music. If I was to recommend one song it would be track 2 “Resurrection Through Me”.

Also this EP is only available digitally through their website: (copy and paste into browser).

4/5 Stars: With my new scoring system which is me being more picky I decided a 4-star rating is in order.

Brian Morrissette