Until We Feel Alive

Lybecker is a pop/rock group out of Seattle, WA. Lybecker has slowly been gaining popularity in the indie music scene and has toured almost nonstop to make a name for themselves in this big music scene. Until We Feel Alive is Lybecker’s first full-length album and shows that they have an abundance of talent and energy. But is talent and energy enough to make a first-rate album?

The musical aspect of this album is a pop/rock base filled in with crunchy synths that make me think of VOTA and the Newsboys mixed with some sweet-like-sugar guitar hooks courtesy of Dewey Lybecker making up the armada of sounds. Sometimes, though,the electric guitar is replaced with an acoustic one that brings an almost country feel to Until We Feel Alive. Now on to the vocals.

Dewey’s vocals vary from a heartfelt worshipful tone (New Life” and “Fade Away”) to a new wave style of singing (“Better”) that reminds me of VOTA’s Lead singer Bryan Olesen. At times the music in Until We Feel Alive drifts into an acoustic rock sound that reminds me of SONSOFDAY and Phil Wickham which mixes the album up. The lyrics are passionate and honest varying from “youthful freedom anthems” to praising God and almost everything in between. The end result is solid but not enough to make the music and at some points the lyrics stand out from any other “rock” bands but listening to this album I can see that their future is bright.

Lybecker’s first full-length album is “nothing to write home to grandma about ” but that’s not to say it’s horrible just sub-par at times. The middle part of this album is where things are at their best (4-8) for them and that’s where you can see that they have a super bright future; they just need some refining. My personal favorites on this album were “Better” and “New Life”; I only wish all the songs where somewhat modeled like these two songs. In the end it left me wanting more and saying “Did I just listen to the whole album?” But I can’t stress this enough that these guys have a whole ton of talent and I anxiously await a new album.

7/10: I think it’s a solid effort but that they need to grow and mature sound wise.

Brian Morrissette