Extol is the Leonardo Da Vinci of metal. Undeceived is the Mona Lisa” of metal albums. Amazing artistic expression thru the fastest heaviest drums on earth. The most brutal powerful vocals around. The fastest metal maniac guitars. It doesn’t get much better than this.

Song: “Time Stands Still” starts off with beautiful Spanish acoustic guitars and suddenly slams into the fastest double kick pedals i’ve ever heard mixed with mathematical equations of metal guitar riffs. Screaming in are vocals that would scare the hell out of demons. Your hair flies back as you try to stand in front of the speakers spewing out the metal onslaught.

Undeceived causes your brain to start a mosh pit back and forth into the walls of your head. This is the best of the best. Throw in beautiful “Christian” based lyrics and you’ve got yourself one amazing masterpiece.

*Lyrics: Song: “Renewal”:
I can hear a signal from the center of my soul
Ignite the impulse of life
Make a change of patterns in the Landscape of the inner man
Obtaining a new perspective on life
Discovering a new dimension of freedom

A penetrating power claims dominion in my being
Leaving the old man to die
The presence of a spirit is reflected
By the wave of change
Recharging power / receiving strength
Renewal of mind and soul
I have established contact
With a higher form of intelligence
Giving me wisdom and insight
A complete restoration of my spirit
With this source of life that’s inside of me

A revelation of the truth
Effects the way I’m thinking
I am a part of Your plan
I will let Your spirit move inside me
Like a breath of life
I send out a message to the souls who still are searching
Invite the maker of life (Jesus)
Let Him be the guidance to Complete your life in every way

Guest Writer