Turn it Around (DVD/CD)

I know there is already a review of this CBK cd, but this review is of the DVD. For those of you who don’t know CBK recently released a CD/DVD combo sale.

I have to admit. This is my first music DVD to watch. I enjoyed it very much so. For the most part all the songs have CD quality audio, except for two songs. The quality on those songs is horrible. They should have just left them out. You can barely hear the music, and its just straight up brutal. The cinamatography is excellent, there is close up everyone during songs and awsome footage of the crowd dancing and crowd surfing. Its fun to watch the crowd! In bewtween a couple of songs it has footage of CBK in the van or goofing around outside. The drummer is funny and the whole band is really. Its a good DVD, but I won’t watch it again probably.

IS it worth to buy the CD/DVD if you already have the CBK cd? I wouldn’t think so. Its only around 20 minutes long, about 7 or 8 songs. If you don’t have the CBK cd I highly reccomend getting this pack then. For $11.99 you can’t beat this. Awsome CD. Period.

Guest Writer