True Defiance

First off, just because someone names their band Demon Hunter does not make them automatically an awesome metal band. Though I will admit that it can’t really hurt. In the case of this band it doesn’t take much away from the boringness of this particular album. I will tell you I was quite the fan of their last album The World is a Thorn, but sadly True Defiance doesn’t reach to the heights of past works. It had a great beginning with Crucifix” but sadly goes downhill from there.

After “Crucifix” is my favorite song on the album which is “God Forsaken”. It feels with this album they are trying too hard to cross over into the hard rock side then just be metal. The one element that makes this a problem is the fact that more and more they are sounding like Skillet and Disciple. In a sense that wouldn’t be a bad thing if it was a few songs but it is almost the whole album. The World is a Thorn is a great album because it is able to balance that but with True Defiance the metal side of them is on life support. The almost radio friendly rock just continues to pour out of this bands album. The most annoying part of this album is each sleepy song it makes me think of their Christmas song “The Wind”. I’ll take the Mr. Bill route and end this paragraph on a high note! I only spent $3:99 on the album.

This band has been around forever and they are pretty good and consistent except for this dud of an album. I hope for Christian metals sake that they get their act together and put out an amazing album worth remembering. Even if they don’t I’m sure their fans will eat it up. But until they release a better record I guess I’ll be having to search elsewhere like Facedown Records Blood and Ink Records and Red Cord Records…

Brian Morrissette