There are many things that bands hope for when they start out: to play shows, to get signed,, and to be a band for some reasonable amount of time, etcetera, etcetera. Next in Line has achieved a lot, they play shows regularily, they signed with Indie Vision Music, they’ve been around for seven years, and they’ve got a new cd out now. As the car gets stuck in the rush hour Traffic that is the vicious cycle of music, Next in Line gets into the carpool lane and bypasses all of the rush hour jam sessions. They do that so well that a person can tell that they do indeed know what type of Traffic they’re in, and it really isn the majority. Green light number one: they’re veterans in the music world, green light number two: they’re indie rock, green light number three: they’re not just indie rock (some core, some techno sampling, some coffehouse rock, and the list goes on and on), green light number four: they’re young, despite their seven years experience as a band, and green light number five: they’re a christian band. Most of the categories that Next in Line fits into isn what many people would call the majority” and they’ve been doing it for seven years now come on SEVEN YEARS that is a “minority clause” in itself! Bottom lane … whoops … bottom line is: that they are seasoned talented they mix up their indie rock basis they share their faith and will more then likely stil be driving behind the wheel whenever you may come upon this Traffic “report” about what is up in the release column for an indie rock abnd named Next in lIne. Now get out there and listen to a little bit of Traffic.

Guest Writer