To Sentence The Dead

Bloody Sunday delivers intense hardcore with their sophomore release “To Sentence the Dead?. Bloody Sunday plays a different hardcore, which is characterized by the vocals. Think of Comeback Kid’s yell mixed in with a scream. Almost like he is on the verge of a scream. My first listen through I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed it, but the second time through, I enjoyed it. I knew some of the parts and I could scream along. It’s fun when you have a hardcore band where to don’t need to read the lyrics to understand what they are talking about, especially when you have the amazing lyrics that these guys bring. My favorite part is when the scripture “One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess? is quoted and then it busts into a sick breakdown. I get chill bumps.

A definite improvement over their last album is the length. This cd spans 11 songs, no intros or instrumentals. The guitars play old-school hardcore and the every know and then “eek eek?

My only complaint is the vocals volume; they aren’t loud enough, especially for this genre of music.

If you’re looking for a fun cd pick this one up.

Guest Writer