To Burn Again

No Innocent Victim, the forefathers of the Christian Hardcore movement, have a lot to live up to with their new release “To Burn Again?. NIV has influenced countless bands and people with their inspiring Christian Hardcore that you might have not realized.

The title track To Burn Again” is the main emphasis on the whole album. All the songs are focused on a getting the fire back in your life to a keep the fire style lyrically. NIV always have had fun anthems to sing along with “To Burn Again” is no exception. The tough guy deep growl sounds better than ever. This could possibly be due to the great production and recording. NIV also added an extra guitarist to the format. Unfortunately I find that it doesn’t add much more depth to the music than I would have liked. The guitars still stay fun and energy packed. I find that the last half of the album is not as catchy as the first half and attention is easily lost.

“To Burn Again” is No Innocent Victim’s best album released yet. Any fan of tough guy or anyone who wants to know their roots should pick this up.

Guest Writer