Time To Shine

Mercury Switch brings something refreshing to the ever so redundant metalcore scene with Time to Shine. One second it’s a metal onslaught, and then they switch to a very melodic rock with some really good singing vocals and some nice non-repetitive breakdowns (sort of reminded me of Inked In Blood). Add in some synth, some humorous moments and you have some creative music. What disappointed me though were the unfitting instrumentals. Track 3 ” Lighting With The Pain, has no sense to be in the album, it is not even an instrumental, and more like a room of people talking and you cant understand them. Another cool feature that could have been better is that the last 5 tracks are supposed to be one song, yet they all sound totally different and range between 3 different styles. The First track is an introduction that is a waste, the second is a good fast song, the third is a 80s twist that doesn’t really fit the entire album and the last two songs are slower not as exciting tracks that leave much to be desired.

Bottom Line: This is a good album, though a few disappointments and the end of the cd isn’t as strong as the beginning.

Guest Writer