This Type Of Thinking Could Do Us In

I have been following Chevelle since thier early days. I remember going to a small club in Sacramento to see them play with POD. That show blew me away. I couldn’t believe the raw intensity that this band possesed. That intensity has carried through to thier third album (their second for Epic Records).

From the opening notes of the first track The Clincher” I was hooked. It reminded me of what I liked so much about this band. After the first song I was not let down as the cd continued to play. Just about every song on this album is good.

Chevelle’s musical style has not varied much from their last cd “Wonder What’s Next” (Epic). However I was pleasantly surprised by the use of double bass on tracks like “Get Some” “Breach Birth” and “Another Know It All”. The guitars are very tasteful and not over compressed. They have a very raw quality to them. The bass on this cd is particuarly noteworthy. It’s a lot hotter in the mix than the last cd and it has a bit more edge to it.The drums are very prevalent on this cd. They have a lot more presence and authority this time out. The vocals are very tasteful and clear. I was very impressed with the overall production of this cd.

The only problem that I have with this cd is that there is one minor swear word at the begining of “Another Know It All”. Allthough I Don’t think that the use of this word will necesarily alienate Chevelle from their christian fans I do think that it is unfortunate that they resorted to using even mildly offensive language.

Aside from the one problem that I had with this cd it is very solid. This is a band that has progressed significantly with every release. I would recomend this album to anyone. However I would recomend it with caution to people who are easily offended by minor obscenities.

Guest Writer