This Is Who I Am

JODY MCBRAYER – THIS IS WHO I AM is easily one of the most amazing, inspiring, beautiful, loving christian worship albums you will ever hear. Jody covers the styles of Pop, Rap, RandB, Gospel.. This album has so much worth and meaning to it. From songs representing what Jesus wants to say to us(this is who I am” to songs about the pain of broken relationships and how Jesus can heal them(“love can break your fall”). Jody even does rockin spanish songs that have a salsa style to them(“shake it”)! One of my favorite parts in this album is the hardcore rap breakdown in (“unspeakable joy”). This entire album sounds amazing thru my subwoofers!

I am being totally honest when I say that I personally feel this album is the greatest “Chrsitian” album ever made! For those of you who know that Jody is from “Avalon” and think that they are to slow/boringnget ready for something completely different! Mr. Jody McBrayer Rocks!

Guest Writer