They Will Fall’s “On The Depths of Depravity” is good, but not great

This album, while a great album to headbang to, lacks a voice of its own.

This was a very generic metalcore album. While having a very complex story behind each song, the album just didn’t deliver the “wow” moment I was expecting from listening to the commentaries from the band. Both vocally and instrumentally, the album was full of talent, but very bland. The storyline and the struggles faced in the lyrical portion of the album I didn’t think lined up with the finished product that now hums and bangs in my ears.

Pain pills are the haven you run to, but the effect wears off over time.

This album could have been so much more epic if the artists would’ve pushed themselves to not always sound the same from song to song. Each song was a bit different in its own ways, but there wasn’t much diversity between songs. The only real differences came along from time to time when there was clean vocals over the constantly heavy riffs and chugs from the guitar. I did actually like this album despite the comments I’ve made and I will encourage the band to push harder, but altogether this is an album to be proud of.

Guilty conscience, strip me bare. I’ll beat myself up until there isn’t a will to live righteously. Repentance is absent because I’m too busy letting the devil get the best of me.

There was good production quality, great musicianship, and awesome authorship. I find it really hard to say if a band is bad because it’s like saying that a person is bad and they have no business living. They will fall is a group of musicians that are very talented, but the best part is that they have a long road ahead of them.

What kind of love only exists in theory?
What kind of love merely lives inside the walls of a church,
Where uncovering hypocrisy is as simple enough as
hearing us call ourselves the lovers of God?

Phillip Noell
I've been through so much in my life and Christ was the only thing that could save me so for over a year I've poured myself into any door God has opened. My passion is music and Christcore is my heart.