The Years to Come

The Years To Come makes me anticipate anything in the years to come from Nodes of Ranvier. Breaking all boundaries of Metal/Hardcore/Rock, Nodes just plays what they want. Who says you cant have your vocals deep growls and have to play Metal? That is what I like about this album, new age rock, with vocals that are downright scary. There is quite a bit of singing also, the way the singing and the growling flows together is unique with this style. What I thought that stood out was how the songs are not slow, they move fast, creating a lot of energy. The intricate guitar work and the bass that pounces right along sound tremendous from the excellent production qualities of this release. Lyrically, I think the vocalist Nick Murphy describes it best, “dedicated to seeing the good that’s left in the world, and the importance of maintaining hope in humanity?

Bottom Line: If you are tired of metalcore, and breakdown fests, check this album out.

Guest Writer