The Whores Trophy

Symphony In Peril melt my face. This CD totally rocks my socks off. This is their second release and it is definitely noticeable. The band harmonizes together so much better, instead of the “noise? sound they have matured into a more melodic yet all out brutal massacre. The vocalist, Shawn Jonas, originally from Zao delivers a clear, throaty, and just plain harsh scream. It’s somewhat easy to understand him if you have listened to hardcore for a while. Lyrically the CD’s title came from a passage in Revelation. While still having that somewhat “I?m pretty sure I know what he’s talking about? in the lyrics they are pretty obvious and well thought out. Jonas uses big words that you might have to look up in the dictionary, because these aren’t your obvious praise song lyrics. They go deeper than that. The guitars deliver nothing but perfect breakdowns, just when your needing them, this will definitely make the pit go wild. The recording is nothing but great, the double kicks mixed in perfectly and the vocals are at the right volume. Nothing overwhelms the other.

This is by far one of my favorite CDs. This ranks among the top Metalcore albums, ever. SIP recieves my first 10/10 and they defintely deserve it. Buy this CD now!

Guest Writer